Who We Are:

We at, Beautiful Women Empowering Women, inspire female liberation. We connect, support, and promote their growth so women can have power and control on the wheel over their lives.

We accept donations in any way you find favorable; be it clothing, toiletries, wash rags, or anything to fit in a bag. We are a community-based information center that delivers resources to those who don’t have access to it.

Further, we collect rehabilitation and employment information, that includes when and where you can hold Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Rest assured, our transparency and trusted guidance direct you where you see no signboards. Indeed, we take care and think like a guardian.

She is the Future

A future without strong and healthy woman is unthinkable. In fact, generation upon generation, it is women who are the creators and leaders. To think of them as a gender on the streets, being helpless and hopeless, is a notion to break a heart.

Each lady on the street begging for a penny deserves a home, food, and education. Every woman finding respite in alcohol is deserving and worthy. We are here for every single damsel in distress; to protect and look after her because she is the future.

With your help, we can fulfill every level of the hierarchy of needs that a woman desires. And remember, healthy and happy women shape a healthy and happy environment.

Our Story

A Note from the Founder

Hello, I am Gayle Carnegie. I was born in New Jersey but my journey from Orange to Newark, New Jersey was good to me. The ruckus began from the streets of New York City and the ripening of my teenage years. Clubbing, street-style lifestyle, and music soon got me addicted to drugs and alcohol. Little did I know it would take me 34 years to get off this addiction and help people like me do the same- but the pleasure seeker inside me in the early '80s and 90s didn't care. Regardless, I made a promise then and there that if I ever got off drugs I would help the homeless, drug addicts, and the abused out here in the same streets of Newark. I never graduated from my university at the first try but I remember taking drugs with me there. Instead, I came home and became a home health aid and a nurse's aid.

With time, I got tired of my unhealthy ways and sleeping outside at Penn station. And then came 2011, which I would like to name as my rebirth because that's when my whole life changed. This was when I gave myself another chance and started going to Narcotics Anonymous. From that year forward, the doors of amazing possibilities opened up for me. I went back to college, graduated from Thomas Edison state university, and found a job at Uber while working at a textile company.

Then one day I had another epiphany, or remembrance of a lost promise. I decided to do something for the women. Welcome the Beautiful Women Empowering Women, an information center for the homeless, drug addicts, and abused women to get food, housing, and support. Now, every year we organize an annual event for the bigger cause and people like me or the person who used to be me.

Regards, Gayle Carnegie
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