We aid Seniors, battered, struggling, homeless and disabled women by providing information, and resources. We create a world where women are self-reliant, independent, confident and protected. It is not just shelter, but also a food pantry and we provide referrals for resources by providing direction & resources in the Urban community.

Guided by compassion we assist Seniors, low income and disadvantaged individuals to become self-sufficient

We render personal services by giving out supplies and resources in the urban communities. We provide the necessary support to the ones who are forgotten or destitute.


We provide information for resources to empower women through assessment, counseling and through our information resources. This is accomplished using our volunteers and donors.

As you shop your donation will support us to help support others. We accept donations in the form of Essential toiletries clothing, shoes, blankets and other item that can fit in a backpack.

We are the avenue to help women and contribute to society's development and help women lift themselves out of poverty.


"Empowering women to achieve their optimal potential!!!"
Vision Statement

Our vision includes every woman that seeks more. Our silhouette of relief hopes to cover a larger array of unfortunate women in the years to come. More so, we aim to keep supporting and keeping the homeless women in the circle of the community.

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